Are you working on ways to reopen your business both safely for you, your staff and the public you serve? Concerned about possible compliance requirements for health Safety with COVID-19? ebooth services can help with that. The pandemic checklist can provide a means by which you can stay on top of your employees’ compliance to those proven requirements that enable your business to open and do so safely.

ebooth Pandemic provides a tool that operates on your staff’s smartphones to allow for them or yourCOVID19 officer to provide the daily details you need to track and control the situation. It also offers historical data that should be needed in the case of an outbreak.

Here’s how it works:

ebooth is downloaded (IOS or Android)  and registered.

  • Upon registering with ebooth, the COVID-19 suggested pre-work and post-work checklist is presented
  • Depending on mode (Sentry or Distributed) the checklist is completed
  • ebooth, realtime, records the date, time and GEOcode (GPS location) of the employee along with the information provided
  • Typical checklist might be:
    • Do you have a mask?
    • Did you take your temperature?
    • What was your temperature?
    • Do you feel well?
    • Is your throat sore?
  • On a scheduled basis, a compliance and non-compliance spreadsheet is delivered, via email, to the employee in your organization responsible for health and safety. Each employee and their responses are shown in detail.
  • Realtime email notification is also available


ebooth Pandemic checklist comes with a suggested list of questions but this can be modified. In addition, the report tracking can serve as a contact trace-tracking should an outbreak occur as it does provide historical tracking. ebooth can also dynamically request information from the employees about recent contacts and interactions.

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